The 2016 programme has been shaped around the three themes:

Day 1 Programme

Day 2 Programme

Find out more about the Wikidata and Wikisource Showcase, the keynote speakers and the ‘data2paper’ demo.

Unleashing Data – a World Café Format Workshop on Making a Difference with Data

A workshop to generate ideas for achieving impact with data. Using the World Café format, participants will discuss what the repository community needs to be able to facilitate greater impact from the re-use of research data. This session will build on the questions and the ideas arising from the “Unleashing Data” session at RepoFringe 2015. To help you get your thinking caps on, the questions will be as follows:

  1. How can repositories help researchers achieve impact with their data? (Prof Andrew Millar will chair this discussion)
  2. What are the strengths of the repository community that help us support researchers to achieve impact from data / making a difference with their data?
  3. What are the weaknesses / barriers that hold the repository community back from helping researchers to make a difference with data?
  4. What are the opportunities for the repository community to make a difference with data?
  5. What are the risks or costs of trying to facilitate others to make a difference with data?
  6. Working with business to make a difference with data (David Richardson will lead this discussion)
  7. What role can research funders play to help repositories help researchers make a difference with data?
  8. What role can universities play to help repositories help researchers make a difference with data?
  9. How can the repository community use crowd-sourcing (e.g. Citizen Science) to engage the public in re-use of data? (Nicola Osborne will chair this discussion)
  10. Which is the best example of unleashing data in the past 12 months?

Facilitated by Pauline Ward, EDINA & Heather Rea, Beltane Public Engagement Network

EPrints User Group & Bespoke Repository ‘Flavours’ Version 3.4

The new version of EPrints is designed to allow new kinds of repositories to be easily put together – different ‘flavours’ of EPrints for different requirements. This session is to brainstorm community suggestions for new flavours of EPrints repository and their bespoke functionality. We’ve had some suggestions – archival, artistic, impact, peer reviewing – so come along and suggest a new flavour that would make your institution better!

Facilitated by Leslie Carr with Jiadi Yao, EPrints Services

The Future of EPrints – Version 4.0 & COAR

So Many Futures to Choose From How should the next major release of EPrints adapt to developments in the international scholarly infrastructure? What new challenges and opportunities do repositories face? Come along and help shape the direction of EPrints development in the light of developments like the COAR Next Generation Repositories project (see Monday’s 24×7 presentation by Paul Walk).

Facilitated by Leslie Carr with Jiadi Yao, EPrints Services

Fedora User Group

The session will focus on the latest Fedora developments (Fedora 4.x and related), plus provide the latest news on activity in the Hydra and Islandora communities, both of which make use of Fedora as the core of their repository solutions.  Please contact Chris Awre (c.awre if you would like to contribute your own update to the session, or if there are specific aspects of Fedora that it would useful to ensure are covered.