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Posters will be displayed in the Concourse area of the John McIntyre Conference Centre.

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There will be two demonstrations of ‘data2paper – giving researchers credit for their data’ by Anusha Ranganathan of Digital Nest on Day 2:

10.00 – 11.05 in Duddingston

11.30 – 12.45 in Salisbury

‘data2paper’ enables researchers to easily create and submit data papers to journals, thus giving researcher credit for their data. Funders are becoming more interested in good data management practice, and institutions are developing repositories to hold the data outputs of their researchers, reducing the individual burden of data archiving.

However, only a subset of the data produced is associated with publications and thus reliably archived and hence shared and re-used. This represents a loss of knowledge, leading to the repetition of research (especially in the case of negative observations) and wastes resources. It is laborious for time-poor researchers to fully describe their data via an associated article to maximize its utility to others, and there is little incentive for them to do so. Filling out diverse submission forms, for the repository and journal(s), makes things even lengthier. This project makes the process of associating and publishing data with a detailed description easier, with corresponding citation potential and credit benefits.

Part of the Jisc Data Spring Initiative, a team of stakeholders (publishers, data repository managers, coders) are developing a simple ‘one-click’ process where data, metadata and methods detail are transferred from a data repository to a relevant publisher platform for publication as a data paper, by means of a SWORD-based API and a cloud-based a helper application -data2paper.

Anusha will demonstrate this workflow from a data repository to a publisher system using using the data2paper application where researchers can easily author their paper and submit to a selected journal. Information about the requirements (including license policies and rights information) and specialities of each journal are made available along with paper templates pre-filled with their details.